March 1, 2015

Simply Striped Pillow Blog Hop

Hello, Friends!
Now that March has arrived,
it's time for a brand-new blog hop,

You know I love making pillows.
Turns out that a lot of my bloggy friends
like making them, too...
especially from this sweet and easy pattern!

I hope you'll pop in to see all of the versions
that will be featured.

Here's the schedule:

March 2   Elaine    Summercrafter

March 3   Susie  Susie's Sunroom

March 4   Geta      Geta's Quilting Studio

March 5   Sheri   Sunshine in the Attic

March 6   Lara    BuzzinBumble

March 7   Amanda    The Patchsmith

March 8   Amy  Amy Made That!
{That's me, of course!}

By the time it's my turn,
you'll be convinced you need this pattern.
Just wait until you see what I made with it!

Oh, can I really WAIT until March 8th to share it???

{HINT: It's an adorable baby gift, for an adorable baby!}

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February 22, 2015

Guest Post - Great Granny Star Pillow - Free Tutorial

Hello, Friends!
I'm guest posting again over at
for a new 3-part series.

We're going to use some of the brand-new fabric
from V and Co for Moda...

{I used a fat quarter bundle, but this project is layer-cake and charm-pack friendly.}

I've discovered a brand-new way to put zippers on a pillow,
and I'll show you how to do that, too, in the same post.

Best of all...I've designed a brand-new quilt block,
called the Granny Star!

The finished project is this brand-new pillow!

Oh, yeah, and it's reversible!

Yep - that's a BIG pillow...about 22" square!
I call it the "Great Granny Star Pillow".
If that's a bit too big for your taste, don't worry.
Soon I'll be sharing two more Granny Star projects,
with down-sized blocks.

I hope you'll join me over at
Bear Creek Quilting Company for this new series!

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February 15, 2015

Zen Blossoms Purse

Q: What's black and white
and red all over???

A: My latest tote bag!

Do you remember seeing this little zip pouch here?

Well, recently someone asked me to make
a tote bag for her,
using the same black/white/red floral fabric.

It's from Michael Miller,
and it's called Zen Blossoms.

It's been a while since that fabric came out,
and I had used up my supply of it.
led me to a shop that still carries this print.

{I just typed in "zen blossoms" and...poof!}

In my stash I found some black-and-white fabrics
that blended nicely,
as well as a bright red polka dot.

I can't tell you how many times I've used this pattern.
This time, though, I chose to leave out the pleated accent band.
Instead, I quilted the bag, in a diamond design.

That's one thing that my customer liked about
in the first place.

I love talking about my purses and bags...
Notice the two-toned bag handles
that I almost always create
for my bags and purses.

The zippered pocket just called out
for me to choose a RED zipper.
Such an attention-grabber!

For the interior pocket strip,
I went big and bold, with a chevron fabric.

The little "eamylove" label
lets my customer know I made this tote bag
just for her!

I wish I could make a custom tote bag for everybody!
But...I can't.
That's okay, though, because you can make
them for yourself,
just the way you want them,

{Here's another one of my purse-onal favorites,
created with Joel Dewberry's Aviary fabrics.}

If you make any,
I would love to see them!
Be sure to share them on my Flickr page,

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January 15, 2015

A New Merry Christmas Pillow

As part of my ongoing
"Christmas Through The Year 2015"
I proudly present my latest pillow...
Merry Christmas!

This pillow will be mine to keep!
I love the way it matches
our brown couch.

I used my 4th and last (sniff...sniff)
"ink swatch" from Sweetwater.
You may recall the other pillows I've made,
using the other 3 ink swatches.

This "Let It Snow" one really works!
We have a few inches of pretty white stuff now.

I love the sentiments on the next two pillows,
describing what Christmas really means.

I believe in Christmas!

Nothing beats a simple
"Merry Christmas" greeting, right?

For this pillow,
I used some more of my beloved Winter's Lane
fabric by Kate & Birdie Paper Co. for Moda,
in rich brown and red.

I love the way this newest pillow looks
which I made back in 2013.

If you like that topiary pillow,
you can make your own,

As usual,
I've added a covered zipper to the pillow back.
You can learn how to do that

I've made the Merry Christmas pillow
only 12" square.

I adapted the pillow backing tutorial
by cutting my backing pieces out about an inch
larger that the finished dimensions.
It's not necessary to make it exactly the right size.
Just before stitching the backing to the front,
I trim away the excess backing.

This pillow looks pretty from every angle,
with a finished covered zipper.

This petite cushion packs a lot of style
into a small space.

 I'll be sharing more Christmasy projects all year,
so please stop by often, friends!

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January 11, 2015

Ric Rac...or Is It Ricrac? Maybe Rickrack?

I bet when you see this photo,
you won't even need to know what these things are,
edged in ric just know you like 'em.

{Am I right?}

It turns out these are little coasters!

See how pretty they are, even one at a time?

{My Cath Kidson mug is such a nice model!}

I spent some quality time with my ric rac collection
and made a whole bunch of these coasters,
for a custom order on my Etsy shop, eamylove.

I love the way the different shades of ric rac look
against the bright fabrics.

Mostly I used prints from Briar Rose
by Heather Ross.
I love the tiny grasshoppers on clover...

the cute bees...

and the bright strawberries.

There are even tinier strawberries on the fabrics
from Bake Sale by Lori Holt.
These colors are a bit less intense,
but still nice and bright.

I want to give credit for my inspiration...
I saw them here on the nanacompany blog.
If you would like to learn to make them,
Amy Sinibaldi has told me that they will be included as a project
in her upcoming book,
Sweetly Stitched Handmades!

{It's available for pre-order now and will be released in May 2015.}

My Etsy client asked me to make some ric rac edged coasters for her,
and they were sew much fun to create!

I love everything about ric rac,
except that there are so many ways to spell it!
Ric rac, ricrac, rickrack...
what a nuisance when I'm adding tags
 to posts and photos.

I'm running out of ric rac...must find more!!!
Anybody know a great place to buy ric rac?

I've picked mine up here and there and everywhere...

sometimes it's even on a clearance shelf.
Please let me know if you've got a good source!
If you do, I'll have more of these to show.

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